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Our Services

 Urban Sensations currently offers the following services to  investors, home owners and ex-pats;

Advise, design and project manage your  property renovation to create desirable living spaces 

This is a turn-key service. For those who simply want the job done! We design the best cost-effective renovation for your property and then do it for you, keeping the end users preferences and low maintenance in mind.

What we do;

  • We provide a turn-key project management service – you provide US with the keys and ensure that the power & water are on – US will do the rest!
  • Source all the fittings and fixture supplies defined in the scope. Fittings and fixtures are chosen not only on their price but also on their aesthetic appeal, durability, ease of use and maintenance and energy and water efficiency
  • Partner with you, our tradespeople and our suppliers to make the property renovation happen speedily
  • Manage the property renovation with the use of a state-of-the-art communication, scheduling and selections system

Supply fittings and fixtures for your own property makeover

For those who don’t have time to shop around for these items or don’t know what the latest trends  are or who want to replace their existing appliances and fittings with more energy and water efficient ones.

What we do;

  • Source the appliances, bathroom fittings and light fittings for your own property makeover
  • Simply let US know what style and energy efficiency you are after and we will get it for you.
  • This is charged on a fee for service basis.

Individual consultations  

For those who simply want some assistance with either designing their own property renovation or with scheduling the project so that it is done efficiently.

What we do;

  • Provide advice, both practical and design on how you can best achieve your renovation or makeover requirements. For example, which tradesmen do you need in order to make your property renovation a reality? How do you sequence these works so that the renovation is done in a timely and efficient manner?
  • Provide advice and schedule the property renovation works for you so that your renovation is completed on time
  • Assist with problem solving during the works
  • Consultations are charged on fee for service basis.

For more information please contact us.