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Indoor plants bring life inside the home and they have also become a bit of a home fashion statement. Organizing where to place a plant, which pot to buy, the colour, the shape, etc can really bring a room together. It may also add a special something to an otherwise drab room and give it some pizzazz, classic charm or whimsy, depending on the look you’re after. They’re also a great talking point, take the Venus fly trap, kids in particular love their gruesome character!

So let’s have a look at some, hardy easy to care for performers which most of the time are quite happy to look after themselves.

Peace lilies are a popular and favourite indoor plant. Some varieties are larger than others but all produce beautiful white flowers. They grow well in most areas of the house needing medium light. They don’t require too much watering, though a little more in summer would be appreciated but they will not die if you forget them for a couple of days. They wilt when they’re thirsty and recover very quickly but do reward this hardy plant with a good drink before it tells you it’s parched!

Palms can make a great statement in any room. There are many species to choose from. Three that do particularly well indoors are the golden cane palm, the lady palm and the parlour palm. They will need large pots and bright light. Leaf tips may turn brown if they are over or under watered.

Philodendrons are tough and will tolerate much of what you give or in most cases don’t give them ! They only require good light and moist soil although they will do well if you forget to water them occasionally.

String of hearts, a trailing plant with masses of heart-shaped variegated leaves, grows quickly and copes well if you forget to water or feed it. They look great in bathrooms or anywhere around the house provided there is a reasonable amount of bright filtered light or by a window where it will receive a couple of hours worth of sunlight each day. Young plants may look skinny and a little plain but as they grow older they become longer and thicker and this ugly duckling turns into a real swan!

Cast iron plant, was much loved and sought after by Victorian ladies for its ability to tolerate low light rooms and pollution emanating from their coal fires. These plants provide greenery, dark, long and slender leaves which survive well in most temperatures and humidity, lack of water and dim or bright lights.
Indoor plants are usually quite easy to care for, needing a slow release feed a couple of times a year, change of pots, ( roots peeking through the underside are a good indicator of plants needing to upgrade to a new pot), spritzing some water on the leaves in hot weather, occasionally wiping down the leaves and getting rid of dust and if you’re feeling particularly gracious, occasionally taking your pots outside for the day. The fresh air will do them good but don’t forget them outside in the sun! Also it is not a good idea to apply blood and bone or heavier products that are best used in your garden outdoors. They may burn or die from a result of too much fertilizer.

If you do not own an indoor plant, l thoroughly suggest you buy one today and see how your little beauty warms up a room !

Author : Barbara Glavota

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